GREEN NETWORK LAUNCHES A GREEN E-STORE For future lifestyles in a...

GREEN NETWORK LAUNCHES A GREEN E-STORE For future lifestyles in a sustainable way


A Green e-commerce platform that will allow customers to easily and securely to buy a vast range of affordable eco-friendly products, with the aim of safeguarding and respecting the environment. This is “Green Network Store”: an e-commerce announced the 1st of September by Green Network, one of the main Italian operators in the market of gas and electricity, active in Italy and in the UK, with over a million customers.
Green Network’s desire, which already provides 100% green energy, is to epitomise the values that have inspired the company since its foundation, such as sustainability and respect for the environment as guiding principles in purchasing choices and behaviours. The topic is more than ever relevant, as we define a new future for our current lifestyles.
Green Network Store will be accessible for those willing to make a sustainable and eco-friendly choice; not only Green Network clients, but the whole community in Italy and in the UK.
This Green E-commerce is available in both countries, where GREEN NETWORK ENERGY operates as electricity and gas supplier for more than 800.000 domestic customers.
The platform – accessible at – will be offering different products: the “green life” section will be dedicated to the purchase of products that reduce the use of disposable plastic, the “green fashion” one will feature clothing and accessories made with organic materials and the “green beauty” section will be dedicated to natural products for body care. In “green mobility” section, customers will be able to pick hybrid vehicles and electric bikes, while in “green house” users will find home sustainable accessories and in “smart life” products for home automation and household security.
The goal of the initiative is not only to offer of green products but also to expand in Europe and create a real “GREEN COMMUNITY” which brings together people sharing values of respect and protection of the environment.
“The idea of launching a green e-commerce was born when several customers in Italy and the UK asked for “green” products in addition to the supply of green energy. We therefore realised there was a gap to be filled, so we took part to this cultural change ”says Sabrina Corbo, Executive Vice President of the Green Network Group.
“We believe that environmental protection arises from the choice of purchasing eco-sustainable products for all our needs and that everyone must do their part. Each of us has the responsibility to make a choice even before purchasing a product. Green Network Store was born from this concept: if you want to help the planet, you have to choose what to buy and do it respecting the environment: only in this way your choice will have a greater value”. Emma Watson said: “As consumers we have the great power to change the world simply by paying attention to what we buy“. Green Network Store is aimed at all those who want to respect the environment and make a difference “, Corbo adds.