Give British Citizenship to all EU Citizens living in Uk!Petition to the...

Give British Citizenship to all EU Citizens living in Uk!Petition to the Home Secretary James Cleverly


A group of European citizens living in UK launched a petition asking for the “automatic and immediate” granting of British citizenship to all the people having Settled and Pre-Settled Status.

   The petition is addressed to the Home Secretary James Cleverly and says that “the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union has placed European citizens living in the UK in a position of uncertainty and insecurity regarding their future in the country they call home” and then “recognising their invaluable contributions to the fabric of our society, economy, and cultural diversity, it is both just and necessary to offer a stable and secure solution”. 

  According to the petition – started by the Anglo Italian entrepreneur Maurizio Bragagni – “granting British citizenship to EU citizens with Settled and Pre-Settled Status is a step towards acknowledging their contributions and rights. It ensures they remain a valued part of our society without the looming fear of future policy changes affecting their lives and this act of inclusivity and fairness will reinforce the United Kingdom’s commitment to being a diverse and welcoming nation”.

    The initiators of the petition demand that the UK government “enacts an immediate policy change to grant British citizenship to all European Union citizens currently residing in the United Kingdom under Settled or Pre-Settled Status….without the imposition of any administrative fees or procedural complexities”.

   “This action – the petition underlines – would solidify their rights and status within the UK, offering them the security and permanence they deserve… Recognizing the financial and emotional toll of the current citizenship application process, we call for waiving all administrative costs for these applicants and simplifying the citizenship acquisition process. This step is essential to ensure the transition is accessible to all, regardless of economic background…. Many EU citizens have formed deep ties within the UK, including family, employment, and community engagement. It is imperative to provide stability and reassurance to our European neighbours who have made the UK their home”.

  You can sign the petition going to