The Uk Sommelier Association celebrates the new Graduates

The Uk Sommelier Association celebrates the new Graduates


One more time this year The UK Sommelier Association celebrated their new Graduates with a prestigious ceremony enriched by a Walkaround Tasting.

Forty-nine new Sommelier were rewarded on the 30th of September with the diploma and tastevin. The two best students were then awarded with a trip to Champagne, kindly offered by the event main sponsor, Champagne house Piper-Heidsieck.

Thanks to the support and presence of high-profi le wine and sake producers and importers, the tasting attracted a lot of attention, reaching the record attendance of more than 600 people. The Sicilian chef Enzo Oliveri delighted the guests with special dishes in a cooking show.

Special guests of the event were The Wines of the Champions. This is a project of a renown Italian sport manager, business man and wine producer, Fabio Cordella. When he retired from his long and successful sport career, he decided to create his ‘dream team’ with wines. He wanted as business partners the same champions that he admired the most.

The guest had this way the opportunity to sample wines of Buff on, Ronaldinho, Wesley Sneijder, Vincent Candela, Clemente Russo, Ivan Zamorano. Another huge success for the UK Sommelier Association, the president Andrea Rinaldi and the Vice President and Course Director and organiser Federica Zanghirella.

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