Spaghetti with seafood (Ai frutti di mare)

Spaghetti with seafood (Ai frutti di mare)


Do you want a very easy recipe which you can prepare in less than half an hour but at the same time a special dish which can entertain and impress your people, friends or family? Try the Spaghetti with seafood!


600 g  ( mussles, squid, clams )

Shrimps 200 gr


garlic cloves  2         

Cherry Tomatoes 12

Wine 100ml



Pepper or Chilli pinch

Spaghetti 500 gr


Blanch the prawns and shell them, warm seafood in a pan without water to make them open and then remove the mussels and sprinkle the wine to evaporate. Put the oil in a pan with the garlic you heat and then add the seafood. Stir once, reduce heat and add the prawns, the chopped tomato, parsley and a pinch of pepper or dry chilli. continue cooking for 20 minutes. Meanwhile boil the spaghetti al dente, drain and toss with the sauce.